A Declaration of Intent

If you’ve ever seen the Disney movie Aladdin, you’ll know that Aladdin thinks he needs to pretend that he’s a rich and sophisticated prince in order to win the love of Princess Jasmine. The Genie tries to get him to be honest about who he is, but Aladdin doesn’t think the real him has anything to offer. 

But it is his pretensions, the act he puts on to try and impress everyone that nearly ruins everything. Through the power of Disney magic, he learns his lesson, and everyone (except Jaffar and Iago) lives happily ever after – but what about being an affiliate marketer in real life …

The person I’m learning from – Dean Holland – says don’t try to be something you are not, don’t exaggerate your experience, don’t try to pretend you’re further down the path than you are – be unique.

But I’ll admit it’s difficult to say, I’m new at this, I haven’t made any money online – you should buy this thing from me because it will tell you how to make money online. Why would you listen to a street rat like me (IYKYK)? 

I’ll admit the desire to pretend to be further down the path than I actually am, to exaggerate is a temptation. Not because I’m trying to con anyone – it’s not that I feel like I need to lie about what I’m selling – but I think why would you buy it from me if I’m just a beginner? 

But Dean Holland has also told us that as beginners we have an advantage that an expert doesn’t have. That advantage is relatability and accessibility. But if I try to pretend to be someone I’m not, I’ll lose that advantage, and I still won’t be an expert. 

I think I’ve been honest about who I am throughout this process. I also think I already do know a few things that I can help people with, I have some relevant experience even if I’m not an affiliate marketing expert.

But the very fact I’m not an online marketing expert is also why I’ve chosen to pursue affiliate marketing. 

In trying to transition from the physical world of the “brick and mortar” store, and face-to-face sales, to the online world of internet sales, I’ve chosen to promote a proven product developed by a proven online affiliate marketer. 

So in the Facebook ads I’ve run, I’ve always talked about Dean Holland, his expertise, his products – and what he can deliver. But here in my blog – as I’ve said this is a declaration of intent – I’m going to document my journey here. I’m going to talk about myself. I intend to be as honest and open as possible. 

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10 responses to “A Declaration of Intent”

  1. I absolutely can appreciate that you’re sharing your story from the very beginning, so we all get to watch your growth as you move through the journey! There’s something so powerful in that, and you will help so, so many people with that very attitude. I’m so excited to follow your journey now!

  2. Nathan, looking forward to see you grow through this process. I’ve signed up to your newsletter and look forward to further insights. Well done on your journey so far it’s only just the beginning. Thanks,

  3. The inner child in me loved your link to Aladdin! I even read the bee bit in the genie’s voice!
    I can relate to your blog. I know what I need to do, we have such an advantage at the moment but for some reason it’s really hard to execute. This is something I am going to work on this week.
    I’ve signed up to your newsletter

  4. Hello Nathan,
    Honesty is a fundamental trait that every entrepreneur should embrace. As the saying goes, “It’s easier to catch a liar than to catch a cripple,” highlighting the importance of integrity in all our dealings. Every venture has its beginning, and comprehending its story from the outset adds significant value and credibility to our endeavors. Here’s to wishing you boundless success in your career.

  5. I think you can look at it as, “I haven’t made any money online. Then I came across a book written by someone who has sold more than 10 millions worth of products online. So I decided to read the book and really learn a lot. I think you should check it out too.”

    Then let the sales letter sell the book for you. You just have to focus on getting people to the sales letter.

  6. I think it’s great that you’re openly starting as a beginner. People can follow you from the beginning, and as you grow your business, you’ll be an example of what you’re selling. You’ll be proof affiliate marketing is a viable business. And, I’d much rather follow someone who’s relatable than someone who is pretending to be something they’re not.

  7. Nathan,

    I have read & looked at a number of online marketing books & trainings. The number one thing they emphasize is “BE YOUR SELF”!

    People can tell when someone isn’t being genuine. In fact being false has to opposite effect when trying to build a business. If you want to kill your business then don’t be your self.

    You are good enough to be yourself & people will be drawn to you for who you are.

    Have an awesome day

  8. So powerful this blog.

    Good to be reminded of the advantages of being a beginner as being more accessible than other more successful marketers.

    That honesty is best even when it’s difficult
    as all that is required is to be one step ahead.

  9. Hi Nathan!
    Your blog is very relatable. I especially like how you put, “I think I’ve been honest about who I am throughout this process. I also think I already do know a few things that I can help people with, I have some relevant experience even if I’m not an affiliate marketing expert.”
    Everything that you learn through your experience can then be turned around to teach someone else.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  10. Hey Nathan, nice blog. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if everyone were open and honest about themselves. Maybe we could let our guard down a little and believe not everyone is just out to take advantage.

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