I’m Afraid to Post on TikTok, But…

If you’re feeling fear, you need help.

If you’re feeling angry, it’s very likely because you’re feeling fear manifesting as anger. That’s a common thing. Something challenges our physical or emotional security; some people get sad and quit, and others get mad and want to argue and fight. That’s what I usually do (argue, not actually fight).

Some people might think that’s a good response because you’re not giving up, you’re fighting on. But I’m not talking about grit and determination. I’m talking about a wounded ego responding to a perceived attack, and instead of dealing with the problem in constructive way, we get angry and want to destroy something. 

Let me give you an obvious example of how this anger is not productive.

When my kids are acting disrespectful, or they’re just being irritating because they are not mature adults yet (and why would they be), my response is often to get mad. 

‘I’m a good parent, my whole life revolves around taking care of them, how could they do this to me – they must not love me.’ 

I could get sad, but like a cornered dog that’s scared, I start barking. That anger doesn’t solve anything. And I realize it’s a fear response. 

But just like the challenges of raising children the challenges you face have been faced by others, other people feel like you, they’re afraid of what you’re afraid of, they are getting stuck, they are freezing up, they’re getting mad, frustrated, sad, they aren’t getting past IT just like you – you aren’t the only person just like you. 

And the way you’re going to move forward – not achieve perfection and solve all your problems – but make progress is, to be honest, and show your true vulnerability. Make other people feel seen, heard, and understood – you’re not on your own. This works for affiliate marketing (and it also works with parenting).

Now, the reason I’m talking about this is because I finally posted my first TikTok video for affiliate marketing.

That made me feel fear, I’m feeling fear right now, not knowing how people will react to it. I talked about my fears in my last couple blog posts leading up to this first TikTok post, so I won’t go into that again.

But I did it, and along with fear, I’m feeling good about what I made. So it may not get a million views, and I may get negative comments from trolls, but I know I made a good video. I know I’m being honest and creating positive content that can help others. And, I took my first step towards growing my audience – and I have to do that to succeed in affiliate marketing. 

So here’s the video.


“Still haven’t “made it”? Me too. 🤷‍♂️ But I’m on a mission to crack the code and document every step. 🌟 Follow my journey as I go from zero to (hopefully) hero in online marketing. Let’s transform our lives together, even if it’s not exactly heroic. 💪👨‍💻 #affiliatemarketing #passiveincome #makemoneyonline #workfromhome #onlinebusinessforbeginners

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5 responses to “I’m Afraid to Post on TikTok, But…”

  1. Nathan, your honesty about facing fear is incredibly relatable and inspiring! Taking that first step to post on TikTok is huge, and it’s awesome to see you pushing through the nerves. Your journey is a great reminder that vulnerability can lead to growth and connection. Keep sharing your story and authentic content—you’re definitely not alone, and your courage is paving the way for many of us. Onwards and upwards! 🚀👏

  2. Nathan, your reflection on fear and anger is insightful. It’s true that many of us react with anger when we feel threatened, and recognising this is a crucial step towards healthier responses. Your honesty about parenting challenges and your vulnerability in sharing your experiences are commendable. Taking the leap with your first TikTok video despite your fears shows courage and determination. Keep pushing forward and remember that authenticity will always resonate with the right audience. I felt the same, just do it, I have done over 200 videos now! Atif

  3. Nathan, Great job pushing through your fears! I’m not much for TT but I like your video! Keep up the good work, one day you’ll look back at your first video on TT and have a great laugh about how scared it felt.

  4. Well done Nathan. If you hadn’t said it was your first, one would never have guessed that it was. I feel quite ashamed of my first effort now that I’ve seen a master in the making at work. You certainly did not come across as being nervous at all. I look forward to seeing more. All the best.

  5. Sarah Goulding Avatar
    Sarah Goulding

    Hey there! Just wanted to say I totally relate to what you’re saying about fear and anger. It’s so easy to let those emotions take over, especially with kids! Congrats on posting your first TikTok video, that’s a huge step! I know it can be scary, but you’re doing great. Keep being real and honest—people appreciate that. Can’t wait to see more of your content! Will find you now and follow your journey

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