The number 1 Trend in Affiliate Marketing, and Why You Should Care

You can learn a lot with a Google search. For example, what’s the number 1 trend in affiliate marketing? 

You should care about the answer even if you aren’t going to follow the trend. Let me explain why.

I like making videos, and I think I’m somewhat good at it. But I’m not particularly good at making videos people want to watch when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

Now I do know that it’s good for SEO (search engine optimization, the thing that helps people find what you’re posting)  took make videos and put them on YouTube because Google owns YouTube and one thing we do know is that their mystery algorithm likes it when you post things on YouTube and link them to your website. 

(Now Facebook doesn’t like it when you share a YouTube video on Facebook, because it will take people away from them, so you also have to load your videos to Facebook separately. But that’s a different post for the future.)

If you’re trying to get traffic to see your blog, posts, videos, etc. you will have more success if you’re posting about things that people are already interested in and looking for. 

When I first started making videos I just made videos I thought were interesting, about things I thought people should know about it. I still think I made some good videos, but they didn’t get seen by very many people. Because I wasn’t giving the algorithm what people were looking for, so it didn’t show it to very many people – and all that work got lost in the sea of content.

I’ve learned, and I’ve discovered tools like that help me find what people are looking for. And I now know I need to make videos that answer questions people are asking. 

I’ll still throw in a few I think they should know, even if they aren’t asking. And they’ll see those when they find me through the videos targeted at the top searches. 

So that’s my plan. If you want to see how I get along, and/or you are interested in my videos; please like and subscribe.

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