Unleashing Your Full Potential: The Power of Positive Intelligence

In pursuit of success and happiness, many of us find ourselves in a never-ending hustle, driven by external markers of achievement such as wealth, status, and recognition. 

But I think we all know true happiness and lasting success are not found in these external factors. Sure I’d like a 1970 Porsche 911S with which to cruise through the Swiss Alps (a Porsche 550 Spyder would just be impractical).

How does this make you really feel?

It would be nice … I would look successful … lots of people would be envious :0 … it’s not really going to make me happy. Especially if my motivation is fueled by negative emotions.

So let’s just put all those “signs of success” to the side for a moment and think about what can truly make us happy no matter our circumstances. And even if begrudgingly – because I still feel a fancy car, a fancy house, and a private jet to take trips around the world is what’s going to make me happy – still you can’t find happiness, or meaningful success, by focusing on its pursuit. You have to focus on something else; success is the by-product. 

What’s that something else.

Well, something that’s helped me immensely is the transformative concept called Positive Intelligence, it can unlock your “sage powers” and conquer the “saboteurs” that are hindering your journey.

The Myth of Money and Success:

At the heart of this discussion is the belief that money alone doesn’t guarantee happiness. Success in business or any area of life, as traditionally defined, may not be the sole recipe for a fulfilling and joyful existence. 


OK, so how can we find contentment in the present moment while still aspiring for more?

Happiness in the Now:

It’s not about settling or becoming complacent but rather acknowledging the current moment and finding joy in it. This sets the stage for the introduction of Positive Intelligence — a concept that goes beyond mere happiness.

Positive Intelligence Unveiled:

This concept revolves around unlocking what Shirzad Chamine refers to as sage powers — innate strengths that lead to true fulfillment. The focus is on learning to ignore and subdue the saboteurs, those self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that hold us back from realizing our full potential.

The problem is we think the saboteurs are our friends, helping us to succeed. They can lead to small successes, but cannot help us find lasting success that gives us joy.

Why Positive Intelligence Matters:

Positive Intelligence addresses the critical link between being content in the present and achieving long-term success. Moreover, it sheds light on the dangers of being motivated by negative emotions and the impact they can have on our overall well-being.

A Deeper Dive:

I invite you to watch this video I made. In it, I break down the key principles and insights of Positive Intelligence. I introduce the “Judge” and the 9 types of Saboteurs we think are helping us cope, but which actually undermine us and steal our happiness even when do we achieve some external success. And I introduce the the 5 Sage Powers fueled by positive emotions that can unleash true happiness and meaningful success.

Watch the video now and discover how Positive Intelligence can be the game-changer you’ve been searching for. 

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19 responses to “Unleashing Your Full Potential: The Power of Positive Intelligence”

  1. First time I have visited your site and I am impressed. I especially enjoyed your video and it was simple but well done and because of it, I am going to look for that book by Shizrad Chamine. Very good posst and I look forward to the next one.

  2. Good insight and input, Nathan, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more to come!

  3. Hi Nathan, I am so happy to read your post, it is profound and really relevant to me especially now because I am focused on improving my mindset, to build it strong from a healthy growth perspective. I believe mindset is EVERYTHING and if you want to be happy and successful then the right mindset is not just important, it is critical.
    I agree 100% that money will not in itself buy you or bring you in totality happiness but what it will do is provide you with more choices in life. It is a vehicle if you will.
    I loved the reminder about remembering to be happy in the moment and to drive forward (fuel your tank) with positive emotions….
    I soaked up what you shared in your video about the transformative concept of Positive Intelligence and the 5 stage powers.
    Sounds like a really great book, thanks so much for sharing. I hope you are having an awesome week, I look forward to reading many more posts!

  4. Hi Nathan, I love your post, and your video! It is so true that objects and things will not make us happy; for me, happiness is all about your mindset, being present in the moment, and sharing good conversations and food with people you love. I will be sure to check out Shirzad Chamine and Sage Power; it sounds like it is a great concept and right up my ally; I need all the resources and reminders I can get on my constant journey to keep a positive mindset and live in a state peace and happiness!

  5. Anthony Wallis Avatar
    Anthony Wallis

    I like you subject matter, a lot of people believe that success is power and money. The truth is that in many cases the opposite is actually true in that true power becomes inspiring and motivating people to grow and change and money becomes a thermometer of sorts that allows us to measure success.

  6. Nathan, the concept of Positive Intelligence is right up there with Emotional Intelligence. You did a great book review. I enjoyed your video, too. What video editor do you use?

    Living in the Present Moment and drawing elevated emotions into the miracle we call life is the only true path to happiness. Money can’t buy love and definitely not happiness. That must be the Sage the author is talking about.

    1. I used adobe premeire to edit it then ran it through clipscribe for the captions. But I made this a year ago, so I think there might be some better options out there that do the same things clipsribe does – I haven’t used clipscribe in a while so I’d have to look into again.

  7. HI Nathan,

    Thank you for sharing. I remember one time hearing: negative emotions such a anger might give you fuel to accomplish certain physical things a lot faster, but in the long run it will give you unhappiness even after accomplishing them.

    I guess at the end of the day, we all want happiness/peace of mind on top of everything. Including money.

  8. Positive minset is essential for happiness, but true everlasting happiness cannot be bought – it is only found through loving service to others. The great thing about making loving service your goal is that it automatically attracts everything you want and need into your life. God bless.

  9. You made some good points.

    With that said, there is also the dangers of trying too hard to be positive that you somehow neglect to acknowledge the negative emotions within.

    But I suppose the book by Shizrad Chamine does address that?

  10. While the concept of Positive Intelligence is not new to me – the term certainly is.

    And I wonder to myself how often I’ve grasped onto saboteurs and then not finding the lasting success that gives me joy.

    I’ve saved the URL to your suggested video and I look forward to watching and learning about the 5 Sage Powers fueled by positive emotions to help me unleash true happiness and meaningful success.

    I feel this will definitely help me on my journey!

  11. I loved this post and I could agree more. A positive mindset is so important in life, you see every day situations in a different light. When I was teaching we had a phrase ” I can’t do it….yet” Children especially say I can’t do it and give up, add YET to the sentence and you’ve cracked it.
    Material things give you happiness short term, finding the core of happiness is critical .
    Thank you for sharing

  12. Nathan, what a great blog. You absolutely hit the nail on the head and I loved watching your video. I think we all have this dream of having a little bit of extra money so that we can do things that we can’t do currently. For example, a couple of holidays per year, buying a bigger house or the car you want. I absolutely love cars and I could list 100 of them that I would love to have, but that’s another story. You’re absolutely right it’s not these material things that makes us happy the happiness needs to be just you being appreciative of what you have, and the opportunities you have to do amazing things . Appreciating your family and what we’ve been blessed with. Building a business which will then allow you to have extra income, If done properly can really enhance not only your life but lots of other peoples lives. For example imagine the charity work we could do? We could go on holiday with not just immediate family but also extended family and friends and make once in a lifetime moments. As for the car, it’s a Porsche you have to get one! Thanks my friend, Atif

  13. Hi Nathan! Your blog is a reminder for all to reflect on how we choose to live each day. So many people live with the idea that having more is the end all to happiness. Your statement, “The focus is on learning to ignore and subdue the saboteurs, those self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that hold us back from realizing our full potential,” is a powerful message for anyone seeking a better life.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  14. “Positive Intelligence is a gamechanger”- What a fantastic concept you so accurately and profoundly articulate in your post and video (which was great, by the way)! Thak you for sharing this concept with your audience.!

  15. Nathan,

    Thanks for pointing out the need for positive intelligence. as Ernie said it is gamechanger. True happiness can only be found from within. All we have to do is look at all the famous people that have committed suicide. They had everything but Positive inner intelligence.

    This is an area I am fascinated with and have been learning about the mind. Again thanks for sharing this a hope to see some more details on this in your posts.


  16. Jon Wesley Bowman Avatar
    Jon Wesley Bowman

    Hello Nathan,
    This is a very interesting video, I can’t say that I’ve heard of positive and negative emotions .If you ever do an Indepth video that would be gold to someone like me, a dumb cowboy lol. Defiantly look forward to your next post.

  17. Nice video Nathan, thanks for sharing.
    I agree, money it’s just a tool to make you happy.
    Be happy in the moment. It’s difficult if you don’t realise that it can be done. Just stop and take a deep breath, be present. Enjoy what you have instead of dreaming about what you want.
    Many people think that more money will make them happy. Lottery winners are a good example, most of them go broke or end up their lives.

  18. Hi Nathan,
    Great post! You shared a lot of important and even potential life changing info along with you video and book review. Many inspiring detail one could use to move forward and motivation to learn more about the topic Positive Intelligence. Thank you and looking forward to your next posts!

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