Who Should Be Doing Affiliate Marketing (and why)?

Why would anyone want to do affiliate marketing, or some other type of make-money online business? I’ll tell you why I’m doing this – but this post isn’t just about me. And it’s not to try and big up myself.

My reasons could be relevant to you

Explaining the reasons I’m pursuing this could help you understand how this whole business works in general, and why so many people do this. 

I haven’t written a blog post in 3 weeks (even though my goal was to write a post a week).

3 weeks ago I was helping to make a short action film

Art, in all kinds of forms – movie making, writing, painting/drawing, graphic novels, video shorts, photography – this is the stuff I really like doing. So why am I spending time pursuing affiliate marketing? 

Because most artists and craftspeople actually make a living through affiliate marketing, and using those exact same skills and tools they learned through affiliate marketing to promote and sell their own products. 

So that’s the first reason I do affiliate marketing and a very good reason you may want to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

If you know what you’re doing you can make a living with only 1,000 followers. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be getting millions of views, or listens of your song, and not be making a thing. 

You could create a course teaching some of the skills you know – but you also need to have the marketing skills to sell that course.

2 weeks ago I was at the beach with my family (and dog)

But again, this isn’t just about me, it could be about you. I’m doing this because I’m working to build something for my children.

Not just so I can spend time with them now having adventures, but so that I can build a business they can inherit. That can give them freedom. 

The world is changing quickly, who knows what kind of jobs are going to exist in 10 – 20 years. Unless the apocalypse happens, the internet is still going to exist, people will still be buying and selling stuff.

Knowing how to market and sell products will still be a valuable skill that can be applied to a variety of situations and industries. 

I was going to write a blog last week, but then it turned out it was the last day of the ski season for the mountain near us – so I took my son skiing.

I’m learning affiliate marketing so I can teach my kids. 

My kids are also pretty creative. So I’m already working with them to build their audience for their own work. And I’m using the skills I’m learning doing affiliate marketing to put in place systems that can help support them in the different endeavors they want to pursue. 

Most people pursuing affiliate marketing are not dude-bros who just want to get filthy rich and impress everyone with their Lambos and yachts. 

Wait, that’s not the right type of Lambo, but it is pretty cool

Most of the people I’ve seen in this business are regular people – from all different walks of life. And most of them are trying to build something that will benefit more people than just themselves.

So for me it really doesn’t matter if I don’t get rich quick (which is good, because it’s not going quickly). I’m here to build something important to me and my family; something long term. So I’m not giving up.

So what’s your reason? Let me know in the comments. 

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15 responses to “Who Should Be Doing Affiliate Marketing (and why)?”

  1. Hi, Nathan!
    I’m doing affiliate marketing for family reasons. My parents and father-in-law are getting older, and we need more free time to spend with them. I love to spend time with my husband, and I’d like to have more time with him. There are repairs that need to be done to houses, medical bills, etc.- not glamorous reasons 😉 But they are good ones! By the way, I love the flag! I didn’t expect this job to be easy, but I didn’t know it would be challenging!

    1. Those are great reasons, certainly don’t need to be glamourous ones

  2. Nathan, I don’t want to sound too cliche here, but this resonated with this so much. Like you, I’m doing affiliate marketing as well, and I’m not doing this to “become filthy rich,” but I am doing it to change my life. I’m doing this to change my future, and change my lack of plans for retirement (which I’m not even close to yet). I appreciate all of your “why’s” and they are all things I can related to. Wonderful post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    1. I’m also behind on the planning for retirement, so yes that’s another reason for me as well. I’ve built one business, but it’s not one that can provide me a passive income, and with the changes in healthcare I don’t think it will be one that’s worth much when it comes time to sell.

  3. Wanting to provide a better life for your family is such a great motivator! Teaching your kids these valuable skills will inevitably lead to their success. If we only knew then what we know now, right? Lol. My WHY is to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. I want a family but work too much and have put it off until “when I am in a better financial position.” Doing everything I can to make 2024 the year I set the foundation for my businesses and start earning income online so I can make this dream a reality!!!!

    1. I hope for you 2024 becomes the year you can build a strong foundation to support your dream. Being able to stay at home with the kids is great. I got to stay home for nearly a year with my daughter when she was 1-2 yrs old and it was fantastic.

  4. Hi Nathan – I truly appreciate this post. You have such a great writing style and you are easy to follow. I am still so new, I can’t even imagine 1000 followers, yet (can’t even imagine 100, but I’ll get there). It sounds like you took a break from blogging was for the best reason – FAMILY! I wish you much success and have a great week!

  5. Nathan,
    I love that you took the time to spend with your family (and cute dog) at the beach and going skiing. That is why I chose affiliate marketing. To be able to spend more time with my family. You are right, it is challenging but the end result will be worth it.

  6. Nathan, thanks for sharing your journey and reasons behind pursuing affiliate marketing. It’s inspiring to hear how you’re using your passion for art and desire to build something for your family as driving forces. Your perspective on affiliate marketing as a long-term investment in creating opportunities for your children is truly admirable. It’s a reminder that success in this field isn’t just about financial gain, but also about creating something meaningful and impactful. Keep pushing forward, and best of luck with your endeavours. Thanks, Atif

  7. I’m doing affiliate marketing because:
    a. I’m sick and tired of punching a time clock.
    b. I want the freedom to come and go as I please, to travel to see my family, and stay as long as I want.
    c. Long-term, I want plenty of funds to support animal welfare worldwide. Animals are my passion; my money goes to those who need help to feel loved, cared for, and given every resource to live a healthy, long life.
    Letter C. makes me tear up every time I say it.

    1. That’s great. It’s actually one of my dreams to get a little land and have an animal rescue.

  8. Nathan,

    Your candid exploration of why you’ve chosen affiliate marketing, blending your love for art with entrepreneurial ambition, is both relatable and inspiring.

    Your commitment to building a legacy for your family, coupled with your determination to equip them with essential skills for the future, reflects profound foresight and dedication.

    In a world where the lines between passion and profession are increasingly blurred, your journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and commerce intertwined.

    Thank you for sharing your story with such authenticity and depth.


  9. Nathan, I think we all have to be reminded of why we started our business in the first place and that we signed up for a Journey and not a 100 yard dash… Keep plotting and staying on course but remember to take time to “Stop and Smell the Roses along the way… Awesome!

  10. Regina Burton Avatar
    Regina Burton

    Hi Nathan,
    You are lucky to have had experience making films so making videos should not be as difficult for you as a complete beginner. I had an interest back in the days of Super 8 movies and made and edited a few reels after purchasing a Bell and Howell camera. Soon after all became obsolete but I still have some reels. I too love photography and you have products you can promote.
    So go at your own pace building your business and enjoy your outings with your family and make beautiful memories together.

    1. I have some old 8mm film from my Grandpa, I love them – we got them converted so we can share them with everyone in the family.

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